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Monday, December 16th – Wednesday, Dec 18th: Normal 7 period schedule

Alamosa High School will be giving final exams for the fall semester on Thursday, December 19th and Friday, December 20th. The bell schedule will be modified for those two days as follows:

Thursday, December 19th
First bell: 8:00am
1st period: 8:05-9:40 (95 minutes)
3rd period: 9:47-11:22 (95 minutes)
Lunch: 11:22-12:04 (42 minutes)
5th period: 12:09-1:44 (95 minutes)
7th period: 1:51-3:26 (95 minutes)

Friday, December 20th
First bell: 8:00am
2nd period: 8:05-9:40 (95 minutes)
4th period: 9:47-11:22 (95 minutes)
Lunch: 11:22-12:04
6th period: 12:09-1:44 (95 minutes)

School is dismissed at 1:44 on Friday. Parents will need to pick students up at that time or students may ride their normal bus route which will leave from AHS just after 1:45.

Also, students who are enrolled in concurrent enrollment classes both on the AHS campus, at ASU and TSJC are taking final exams this week. Those students will be marked as Excused Absent in those classes next week since those classes will finish this week.

Andy Lavier
Alamosa High School Principal
State Testing
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Students at Alamosa High School will be taking state assessments April 6th-24th. Freshmen and sophomores will take the Colorado PSAT and juniors will take the Colorado SAT. College Board partners use information from these test scores to expand access to various scholarships. It gives our students, parents and schools good information about how those students are doing in the areas of math and English language arts. Most colleges and universities use SAT results to determine acceptance into their institutions and placement into classes. Juniors will also take the CMAS Science test which measures real-world skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.

State testing schedule:
Tuesday, April 14th:
11th graders, SAT 8:00-12:00
10th graders, PSAT 8:00-12:00
9th graders, PSAT 8:00-12:00

Friday, April 17th: 11th graders, CMAS Science 8:00-12:00

Snacks and/or water will be provided during some of the breaks between sessions. Students who complete all testing sessions will be released from school at noon. Buses will run on their regular schedules and take students home at 3:26 pm if they are not picked up after their testing is over. Those students will be supervised at AHS if going home at noon is not an option. Classes will be running on a regular schedule for students who are not testing.

It is important to understand that our overall goal is to ensure that all students are prepared for college or careers when they leave high school. These tests provide a snapshot of how our students are progressing toward that goal and informs our teachers about their instructional practices. Each student will receive a score report, likely in August that shows them how they performed on the test, how well they are meeting state standards, and how they compare to other students at their school and with their peers across the state.

It is also important to know that these tests are just one measure of a student’s progress, and they are the only common measurement across the state that helps parents understand how their children are doing compared with their peers around the state, how the school is performing, and how the district is doing overall. The information from the tests also helps policymakers identify which schools or districts need help or which ones should be celebrated for their successes.

This spring’s tests will inform parents on what their children know, empowering families with knowledge and information to ensure their children get the best education possible, but it can only happen if students take the tests. Perhaps the best way to understand what the tests are all about is to take a practice test, which are available at the links below:
CMAS Science:

Alamosa High School 10th graders and 11th graders will participate in the PSAT 10 and the SAT in April 2019. Prior to taking the assessment each student will have the opportunity to complete a Student Data Questionnaire. Students will be taking a consent form and a student guide home to discuss the optional portion of the questionnaire with their parents/guardians. Please go to the following websites for more information:
PSAT 10:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 587-6000. Thank you for working with us towards our vision of preparing our students to be life-long learners empowered to reach their greatest potentials.

Andy Lavier
Alamosa High School